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            Welcome to visit the official website of Changzhou Yetai Fine Chemical Research Institute! ! !

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            HOTLINE: +86-519-83299352

            Changzhou Yetai Fine Chemical Research Institute

            Jiangsu Yeming Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

            ABOUT US

            Situated in the south in Changzhou, Changzhou Yetai Fine Chemical Research Institute specializes in fluorine serial fine chemicals. With experienced team and stable quality, our products are mainly used for export and domestic sales. "Quality, customer and credit are primacy" is our policy, welcome you to visit us.







            Jiangnan Chemical intends to acquire non-metallic mining assets

            Jiangnan Chemical disclosed on the evening of September 22 that the company plans to purchase assets. The type of industry to be purchased is non-metallic mining industry. The company will purchase relevant assets in cash. The transaction amount is expected to...


            Environmental protection and strong winds hit the steel and chemical industries and other industries

            The environmental protection and strong winds such as the heating season limit production have caused the steel, chemical, cement, electrolytic aluminum and other industries to be severely tortured. The industry believes that the steel market will be a turmoil...


            Chemicals: The macro-level weakened in the fourth quarter

            In the first three quarters, the domestic macro economy as a whole performed well, not only achieved the goal of economic soft landing, but also continued to maintain a stable monetary policy and structural adjustment policies, the GDP growth rate has rebound...



            If necessary, please contact us, we look forward to your call, thank you!

            No. 9 Xuansheng Road, Xuantang Bridge, the old 312 National Road, Nanjiao, Changzhou

            Tel: +86-519-83299352
            Fax: +86-519-83975360

            Contact: Liu Jianhua +86-13506110093
                Jiang Zhongyuan +86-13701497607

            E-mail: sales@yetaichem.com

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